Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Watch Out!!!! There's a ribbon thief about........

A robbery took place today in my conservatory!!! I was sitting there minding my own business when a black and white monster appeared from no where!
mmmmmm I spy ribbon, I won't be allowed it so I'll have to try and sneek some........
Ohhhhh I think I could just reach it with my paw....
Oh sod it.....I'll go straight for the munch!
Naughty Arthur......he is a well known ribbon thief in crafting circles! So watch out when Arthurs about!!!!
Olive is a little more lady like she just likes to sit and watch with the occasional nibble of a passing piece of paper!


  1. Ha ha ha, love it Zoe! I'm sure if my cat could climb the loft ladder to my little craft room, she'd be in her element with all my ribbon!

  2. LOL, how funny! Such a naughty boy, mind you it must be pure torture for him seeing all that lush ribbon! I think I would find it hard to keep my hands off it too LOL!!!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  3. Aww,bless em,the lil kitty's at play!!! :o)x

  4. Mrs Wonka, just how much Stampin Up ribbon have you been buying!!!!!! Naughty kitty but I think Mummy WOnka has been naughty too with spendings!!!! Hugs ! Jules

  5. So cute! I try to keep our dogs out of my office/craft room otherwise I dread to think what would happen!!

    Liza x

  6. Ha ha! These are just like mine! They can't beat a bit of ribbon - cheeky monkeys! xx

  7. Hey crafty cats Zoe I hope you are teaching them to stamp without inking their paws !!lol
    There is an award wait for you on my blog hun.
    I have got to stop coming to your blog it just makes me want chocolate with this beautiful template !! lol
    Love & hugs Susie xx

  8. He's very naughty that little ribbon thief LOL! It always amazes me how inquisitive they are but at least you have that lovely little lady to make up for him! Chris x

  9. Hee...I love cats!...sooo cheeky!....I don't have any now, but I used to own a brother and sister and the boy used to wait at the bottom of the stairs and jump out when I got to the bottom - hilarious! (not)...made me scream! xx

  10. Oh how sweet! I love Arthur so sorry I could'nt meet him in the flesh.
    kim x

  11. I know exactly how Arthur feels ... I can't resist having a touchy feely at ribbons. I think you've taught him well ... perhaps you should consider taking him shopping with you to add to your stash pmsl .... not that I'm condoning theft lol! Jillix

  12. oh naughty Arthur but god love him...he is so cute.

  13. Too funny - love the pics and narration - brilliant!

    hugs Bev x


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