Friday, 16 July 2010

Pink Heart Birthday Cupcakes & Lelli Kelly Shoes

These are the cupcakes that I made for my friends daughters birthday party. They have got pink polka dot cases, vanilla sponge, chocolate frosting with a pink fondant heart and glitter. basically the perfect cupcake for a birthday princess! She loved them, although didn't look much like a princess with chocolate round her chops!!!! I thought I would also share with you what I got her for her birthday, If you have never heard of Lelli Kelly before they are the most beautiful range of girls shoes, full of beads and flowers and glitter. Basically crafters embellished shoes:How cool are they!!! I want some!!!! I was indeed super Auntie Wonka when she got her mits on them! Finally I am slogging through the wedding invites, NEVER again!!!!!! I will give you a progress report tomorrow! xxx

1 comment:

  1. cool cupcakes have to give it to you you are the best cupcake maker!!!
    ah those little shoes are so sweet!
    Suzie qx


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