Sunday, 28 November 2010

Happy Halloween! Cupcakes, Costumes & Scary Pumpkins!

WOW thank you so so much for all of your lovely comments, they really warmed my heart. I sometimes forget how wonderful my crafty friends are!

Yes I know I am so so so so late but as you know I have a lot of catching up to do so I wanted to share with you my Halloween. This is the pumpkin that Mr Wonka carved (he took it very seriously as you can tell!)
It's cool though isn't it, he has set his sights even higher for next year.......

This is Kyle and Molly all dressed up and ready to go! Spooky aren't they!

Finally Halloween wouldn't have been Halloween without cupcakes, here are my spooky creations:
They were chocolate sponge with orange frosting and tasted FAB!

I have got a busy busy day today and will be back tomorrow with some cards

See you then!


  1. Ah love the scary munsters in their costumes!! molly looks like a friendly witch but i think Kyle could do some damage in that outfit lol!
    your cakes are amazing those spideys are scary!
    enjoy your day
    suzie qx

  2. That pumpkin is fantastic Mr Wonker, can't wait to see what you come up wth noex year. Your little spooks look really cute.
    Those cakes look delicious and look fab - will make some of those for Linda next year! Lovely to have you back.

  3. Hi Zoe
    love the pumkin, Kyle & Molly look very scary, and your cup cakes look Yum Yum Piggy's B--, thank's for sharing.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  4. I did post a comment earlier but not sure if it got sent...... scary cupcakes but would certainly like to eat one of them.... yum yum pigs bum, apple pie and chewing gum

  5. I think Mr Wonka needs to go into the pumpkin carving business - he is obviously a master of his craft!

    Your cupcakes are too scary- eek!

  6. Love the outfits and the pumpkins but the cakes are really fab. Very effective. Liz x

  7. Wow, that pumpkin is flipping awesome, your hubster is pretty darned good at carving Zoe. Love those cupcakes, make me shudder though, the thought of those hairy legs sliding down my thoat lol. Your littlies look so cute in their costumes, def too cute to spook!.xxxxx

  8. That pumpkin is seriously amazing and the cupcakes look spookily yummy! :)


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