Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ribbon scissors and giveaway!

I have been itching to show you this project that I made before Christmas for my friends at my crop that I go to in Eastbourne. Unfortunately I wasn't well enough to go along in December so I had to wait till last week to give them out, which in turn meant that I couldn't show and tell until after they had been received. This also ruined my plans to give a pair to one of my followers for Christmas, however everyone likes a belated crimbo present so I think we can still do a little giveaway! I'll give details at the end of the post.
I always keep a pair of SU snips to cut my ribbon with, to stop me using them for cutting other things and blunting them I have a little charm on the end as a reminder. So although these aren't SU scissors they are super sharp and have little charms on so my friends can save them for supper sharp ribbon snipping. I'm not sure if you can see very well in the picture but the charm is a little bar of chocolate, well what else would Mrs Wonka choose!
So if you would like to get your mitts on one of my pairs of ribbon scissors complete with wallet just leave me a comment and I will pick someone at random on Sunday.I will then contact you for your address and pop them in the post for you. Good luck! 


  1. Hope you had a lovely crop at the weekend. What a super idea for keeping them separate - a really sweet idea.

    Karen x

  2. Oh this is such a fab idea - I love it!
    I am always blunting my scissors and every time I but a new pair I always say that I woill keep them just for super sharp ribbon cutting - but then I always forget :o(
    The wee charm is just perfect as a reminder :o)
    enjoy the rest of the evening.
    Debs xx

  3. Yes please Wonkie - then you can't shout at me for using the wrong scissors!!!!!

  4. Yay! I'm first so I think I win! LOL
    Hope you are feeling better, Mrs.
    Sue xxx

  5. Ah what a fab idea must get a charm on mine as i have already used them for other things!! lol x
    maybe whoever the winner is would wish to use them for unwrapping there choccy bars in a very poshe way!! hee hee
    Suzie qx

  6. Oh I say how fabulous you are Mrs Wonka, a snazzy item if ever I saw one!!

  7. Hi Zoe hope your feeling better? Well considering the trouble I cause when we have our special day events, instead of being told off! Please can I have a prize instead?


  8. What a loely gesture, hope you get a deserving winner x

  9. I love mine Zoe( thank you so much my Lovely, you are very thoughtful)....and I have to say not only are they perfect for cutting ribbons.....but also for trimming sprouts ready for the pan :). The best of both worlds. xxx

  10. Love mine too, thanks hunny x

  11. Hope you are keeping well, great idea as always x

  12. Brilliant, Zoe. I love this type of paper craft, and it's always nice to see such lovely creations as your sweet wallet:)


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