Thursday, 19 February 2009

Is she cuter than cute or what?

This is the other layout from the Monday crop. Sorry I didn't post it yesterday but after going down to Worthing Hospital on Tuesday I was exhausted so slept most of the day. They are trying some different treatments now so hopefully I will be a little better in a few weeks.

This layout is just a simple cut and stick but I think it is kinda cute! I have used the SU "Love" scrapbook kit as before and have added some doodling with my trusty white gel pen. The little girl is a friends daughter, and I think you will all agree she is indeed cuter than cute!

I hope you like it, if you want to come along to the SU crop it is held in West Sussex and you can get all the details from Natalie who runs it.


  1. Great layout Zoe, I just love those SU kits!! Hope the new treatments work for you, see you soon (next week hopefully??)
    Hugs Justine x

  2. Hi Zoe I hope you are feeling better soon darling.
    The scrapbook layout is really lovely, the colour is beautiful
    Love Susie xx
    PS I changed my blog name so your following link may not work anymore so you will have to un-follow and then re-follow , sorry about that, trust me to confuse everyone....... including myself !! Lol xx

  3. Love the layout & the colours- nice & simple. Hope everything goes well for you, fingers crossed for you. Take care of yourself.
    Teresa xx

  4. love both scrapbook layouts, hope your new treatment works and soon feeling better.

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  6. Oh how cute, but what are you doing to the porr little thing, Winmeister won't come for a visit now just incase to stick her in that

    Hope you are feeling loads better, can't bear to think you r feeling so poorly....

  7. Hi there Zoe, hope you are feeling ok and that the new treatment helps. Poor you, wish I was closer then I could come and see you :o)
    Wonderful layout - what a little darling she is!!!!
    Chat soon hun

  8. A lovely page, she look like she's enjoying her stint in the stocks - lol. Good luck with the treatment!


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