Sunday, 8 February 2009

Super Sledger.........

This is a picture of a picture (does that make sense?)of my little nephew sledging last week. I was gutted that I wasn't well enough to enjoy his first proper snow with him but my Dad took lots of pictures for me to see.

In this one my brother is pulling him along and he was dragging his hands through the snow to make snow balls then he was throwing him at his back......LOL little devil!

I must just tell you his latest.......When he was here last week he asked me if we can have a pet shop together when WE grow up? He then went on to say that it will sell dogs and icing sugar? (he likes making and eating icing when he is cake decorating with Nana) Although no one is allowed to buy the dogs as we will love them too much for them to leave and no one can buy the icing sugar as we are going to eat it all!!!! Do you think I should take his business plan to the Dragons Den I recon we could make millions LOL

Right I'm off to have a lay down, I may even be back with a card tomorrow!


  1. What a Cutie he sounds Zoe and it looks like he had great fun out in the snow, my 2 went mad and had snowball fights and built a snowman in the garden but its all gone now.
    Glad to here you are on the mend, take it easy, I have heard lots of yummy chocolate is a good aid to recovery !!! Lol
    Love Susie xx

  2. aw bless him, what a cutie. Everything is so simple when you are that age ..... how wonderful!
    Hoipe you are on the mend babe - looking forward to seeing your card
    take care

  3. That's such a luvly lil story,awwwww!!!! ;O)x

  4. Ahhh - that's so lovely and cute....remind him when he's 18!

    ....oooh a card....well done you....xx

  5. What a brilliant photo he is so happy!
    Love his shop idea my kind of heaven!
    kim x

  6. How sweet is your Nephew!! so cute and I love the shop idea... great photo! Glad to see you back Zoe!!!

  7. aww they're so cute at that age.


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