Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Meet the King of Puddle Jumping!

I have been really poorly with an allergic reaction to some new medication, I have had this reaction before but was asked to try it again to try and build up my immunity! However I can confirm that I have still not developed an immunity! I have been covered in hives and scratching for England! Before it all started last weekend I went on a lovely walk with Mr Wonka and my Nephew. Uncle Wonka was very busy taking pictures with his new camera and managed to catch these FAB pictures of the puddle jumper! This is him taking off! & this is him making a rather large SPLASH! We had a really lovely time and the best bit was I could send all his dirty puddle outfit home to Mum to wash! The advantages of being an Auntie! LOL I'll be back soon as I am really excited that one of my cards made the cover of Papercraft Essentials! YEAH!!!!!


  1. Oh I am so sorry that you are having this bad reaction. I wish you well very soon. Love your fabulous pictures. Congratulations on making front cover.
    kim x

  2. congratulations Zoe on making the front cover!!! well done.... not suprising really, such a talented Mrs Wonka!!!!
    Justine x

  3. Oh hurry up lets see you on the front cover!!

  4. Oooopsss get the stain remover out~!!

  5. The photos Mr W took are fantastic!!
    Get well soon.
    Cate x


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