Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Poorly Olive!

Whilst I was away living the life of riley in Vienna, Mr Wonka was at home nursing a poorly Olive. On the day that I went he came home from work to be greeted by our neighbour saying that Olive was in her back garden and not able to use her leg :( 
He rushed her to the vets and they removed two teeth from her leg. She had obviously been in a fight a few days before and her leg had become badly infected. Mr Wonka hadn't told me as he didn't want me to worry. It took her a couple of weeks before she could use it again but she is now fighting fit. Unless I ask her how her poorly leg is then she lifts it again and looks towards the treat tin........Naughty Olive! 


  1. So pleased she's better and she's sooo sweet. She deserves treats!!! Hugs Zx

  2. Awww bless her. Get well soon Olive and no more fighting!
    Sue x

  3. Poor Olive, that other cat must have really bitten her to loose teeth! Hope she is better now

  4. Poor little Olive! Hope she gets well soon and give her lots of love and cuddles from me. She deserves lots of treats! Xxx

  5. Oh no! Poor Olive :(
    Glad to hear she's feeling better though.
    Cheeky girl x

  6. Glad she's feeling better now. It's horrible when they appear injured. Our youngest cat was having issues walking and had a really limp tail a couple of years back. He'd been in a fight or something and had an infected tail. Antibiotics are wonderful,, but we've learnt to get jabs rather than tablets as Mr M won't force the cat to eat a tablet (unlike me!)

  7. Have you checked Arthur's teeth???? Hope she's on the mend now.

  8. poor little olive, hope you are ok love Lilly and Daisy oh and our mum xx

  9. Aw poor Olive, so pleased she is on the mend and back to herself. Go on - spoil her, she's too cute not to give treats to!


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