Monday, 9 July 2012

(AT LAST) Stampin' Up! Vienna Incentive Trip day 4

Firstly my apologies for the rather long delay in day 4 of my trip to Vienna, I have started my new job and am not sure where the time is going. I could understand it if I was working full time but I only work two days a week!!!! 

My trip to Vienna seems like forever ago now but I think I can just about remember what we got up to. On day four (Saturday) Natalie, Jo, Victoria, Julie, Tracey and I went to the Prater theme park where we went on the famous Wiener Riesenrad  which is a bit like the London eye, but looks like it is made of Macarno. 

Here is a picture of us all as it went round, it was rather high up and not great when people moved around. 

The views were fantastic though and you could see right across Vienna. It was worth the wobbly ride to see this. 
There were lots of theme park rides there, here is Natalie, Julie, Jo & Victoria just about to get on the water ride. I wish I had joined them, it was sooooooooo hot!
Then Natalie decided that she wanted to go on the Prater tower, basically a carousel about 100 feet in the air! As you can imagine I declined and Victoria went on it with her. She was a little green afterwards but assures me that it was brilliant! I'll trust her on that one!

After the theme park we all split up and I took Natalie to the ice cream shop that she had missed out on whilst she was on the Segway tour, we then took a stroll back to the hotel, stopping to grab a few souvenirs on the way.

Once we got back to the hotel we were presented with the "March for Tolerance" (Gay Pride) march right outside the front of our hotel. 
It was a real party so we cancelled our dinner plans and had room service and plonked ourselves in the window and watched the parade, we had a ball! 

After the march we headed to the leaving meet up and finished off the evening with a trip to the bar! 

Day 5 consisted of getting up, getting to the airport and coming home.It truly was a trip of a lifetime and I am so pleased that I had the chance to go along (Thank you Natalie/Boss!). I spent time with one of my best friends and made some great fantastic new ones! Memories were made that will never be forgotten and I hope that you have enjoyed me sharing it with you. 

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