Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stampin' Up! Vienna Incentive Trip Day 3

Good afternoon all, you will be pleased to know that I survived my first day in my new job! A bit of a culture shock getting up at 6.45am but I think I am going to enjoy it.

Right onto Vienna day 3, today we had the day to ourselves as it was the gala dinner in the evening. Nat and I had a bit of a lay in then had a wander around the city centre, I found a beautiful handbag but the £3000 price tag was just out of reach!
Natalie and 12 others were doing the city tour on Segways this afternoon so we split up and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with the lovely Victoria. We just had a look in the shops and took in the sites. The architecture was out of this world. 
This was my favorite building, the Zanoni & Zanoni ice cream shop!
 I had vanilla, strawberry & chocolate, it was delicious!
 Victoria had a cherry brandy sundae, she did zig zag a bit when trying to walk after!
We then spotted this famous brown van and Victoria thought she would see if there was an order for her in the back, nothing for her today :(  (FYI all Stampin' Up! orders are delivered by UPS)

We then decided it was time to plod back to the hotel, I was convinced that I knew the way and convinced Vic to believe me, an hour later and 3km away from the hotel we admitted defeat and got a taxi......oops! Then look what we spotted............

the group on the segways! They looked as though they were having a blast! 

We then popped to the hospitality room for a cool drink and a few sweeties. This is the view from the window:
Then it was off to make myself beautiful for the Gala dinner, which as you can imagine took some time.

We got ready  and had to be in reception for 6.30, we were then informed that we would be arriving by carriage.
Can you see their little red hats? This is so they don't burn their ears, how cute is that! 

    •  After about 15 minutes we arrived at the beautiful  Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vienna Museum
It was such a beautiful building and we were greeted by a trio of musicians. After various photo opportunities the master of ceremony called us to dinner. 
The dining room was out of this world, high ceilings and beautifully laid tables (I forgot to take a picture!) Just when we thought it couldn't get any better our entertainment arrived. 
We were privileged to have a private audience with the Viennese boys choir. I have attached a video I took but am not sure if it will do the experience any justice.
It was the highlight of my trip and a real once in a lifetime experience. The sound was so pure made even more special by the acoustics of the building.

 After dinner we then had a private tour of the museum and then back to the hotel. You probably thought that we all sat in silence taking in our evening.....well you would be wrong, in all our finery we all legged it to the bar on the corner to watch the end of the England v Sweden game! 

I think I have gone on for long enough today, I will be back soon with day 4! I'm off for a lay down, this going out to work thing is quite tiring! 

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing - what an experience you had. x

  2. What stunning photos Zoe, it must have been an awesome time out there....beautiful! Thanks for allowing us to see all the amazing things you experienced xxx

  3. What a wonderful experience and wonderful photos! Xxx


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