Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stampin' Up! Vienna Trip Day 1 (Long & photo heavy!)

So sorry that I haven't been around for a while, I have been up to my eyes in it getting up to date with my magazine commissions before jetting off to Vienna with Natalie and the rest of the Stampin' Up! incentive trip achievers. I didn't actually achieve the trip, Natalie did, but as you know apart from looking after her team and training we do most of our events and workshops together so I got to go and share the experience with her! Thanks a million Nat x

I know that everyone who went will be sharing their trip but we all had a different experience so here's mine........

It started on Wednesday 13th June, where Daddy Wonka collected us for the airport at 6.30am, it has been some time since I have seen that early, and I can confirm it did exist. After a smooth trip round the M25 we arrived at Heathrow in good time and were fortunate enough to have access to the BA executive lounge (thank you Natalie's brother!) so we headed straight to it and enjoyed bacon sarnies and pastries, this was the view from the window, it was a great place to check that all wings were attached and wheels intact! 
After a short (2hr 2mins) flight we arrived in beautiful sunshine in Vienna. We were met in the baggage hall by Mr Stampin' Up! (not actually sure who he is and he didn't appear again!) where our luggage was collected and we were taken to our hotel in a big black Mercedes.
We were staying at "The Grand Hotel Wien" this is a pic I have pinched from the hotels web site. It really was as beautiful as it looks!

We checked in and went to our room, I love it when you open a hotel room door and check out what the room looks like. 

This is our room:
this is our sofa and seating area:
the view looking out the window to the left:
the view looking out the window to the middle:
the view looking out the window to the right, as you can see from this pic we were almost over the main entrance of the hotel.
This is the bathroom (I'll spare you looking at the toilet pic): 
We arrived at the hotel at about  2pm and having not eaten since the airport we decided to order some room service, as we were in a 5 star hotel we wanted to order something classy and a little bit posh so we went for this:
Yup chip butties and a diet coke! LOL. After filling our tums we went to find the hospitality room and said a few hellos (I will show you pics of the hospitality room at another day as this is already quite photo heavy!) 

On the fist evening we had the welcome dinner so we went up to the Le Ciel gourmet restaurant for a 7 course feast! 
This is my dessert, I must admit I am a bit of a fussy eater so didn't fully appreciate the meal but by jove! I tucked into this.
After our meal we popped to the bar for a couple then went off to our bed. When we got to the room Natalie had been left a beautiful bronze/gold handbag, (Natalie had already given me the matching travel wallet so no fighting was involved!) Stampin' Up! certainly know how to entertain in style! ( I have pinched the pic from Jo thanks love!)
Whilst we had been gonelso the maid had been in to do the turn down , shutting the curtains, plumping pillows and leaving us a little choccy. 
She also popped a piece of cotton on the floor, which I presume is to stop you having to put your feet on the floor.....as she had gone to the trouble of laying it down I did try to pop my PJ's on whilst trying to stand on it and not touch the carpet, a little tricky but didn't want to be unappreciative! 

Hope you are still awake after all that you will be pleased to know that I have come to the end of day one, and will pop back tomorrow with my day two.


  1. Wow! fantastic hotel! Xxx

  2. loving the way you're sharing this! Can't wait to see day two......

  3. Thanks for sharing, Looks lovely!

    Lynn x


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