Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stampin' Up! Vienna Incentive Trip Day 2

 After a little bit of a restless night I woke and headed down to breakfast, which as you can imagine was yum yum pigs bum! We then met everyone in the lobby for our group activity which was going to Sch√∂nbrunn palace, it was a little bit out of the city but not too far, you can read all about it here if you would like to. This is the view as you walk in:
stunning isn't it, here are the horse and carradges. The whole of vienna is so clean and tidy they even have little bags under the horses bums to catch the plop! Genius invention.
We then had a tour around the palace, it was beautiful, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures :( 

After the palace tour we had a little stroll in the glorious sunshine and were taken to this room:
where we discoverd we would be apple strudle making, complete with apron and hat!
 I think it suits
The strudle master then showed us how to do it and we were off! You had to roll the dough out then pop it on your knuckles and spin it around like a pizza base. I must confess that I messed mine up and had to start again :( here is the finished article though:
and here is Natalies, more like a wrap than a strudle but it came out okay in the end.
After strudle making we went for a walk around the gardens, aren't they stunning! It was a real scorching day too. After the gardens we went and collected our strudels.
I'm not sure what happened but it looked okay when I left it LOL!
After out wonderful trip we went and relaxed in the hospitality room. This room was like a sweet factory! 
They had brought over lots of different American sweets we were allowed to fill our boxes everyday and snack on as many as we wanted, so I stayed there till it was time to fly home! Not really, although it was tempting.
In the evening a few of us went out to an Austrian restaurant, where we had a lovely time.

Then it was a short stroll back to the hotel for a cold drink and ice cream on the hotel terrace.

When we finally got back to the room, Natalie had received another pillow present a FAB oven glove and tea towel made using Stampin' Up! fabric. (Pic pinched from the lovely Jules blog, thanks love, Nurfty Nurf!)

That is the definition of a show tea towel! Then it was off to the land of nod!

I may not be back tomorrow as I am starting a new job, I will be back Friday and tell you all about it. 

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  1. Another lovely day - all those sweets Mrs Wonka!


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