Friday, 1 June 2012

8x8 Jubilee themed layout, Kyle's trip to London!

Pinch punch first day of the month! NO RETURNS! 

Good morning, June already, where oh where has this year gone!

Just a quick one today, when I was making the Jubilee class there is a lady who comes and loves scrapbooking so I thought I would make a sample 8x8 layout to give her some ideas. 
This was taken last October when we took my nephew to London for the day, as you can see he was very excited to see the underground sign. Unfortunately the central line was closed and the tube network was manic so we had to take a black cab instead, I think he enjoyed that just as much.....
Right I am off as I have got a MANIC weekend, full of crafting, parties and cupcakes! I hope that you have a lovely extended weekend and will pop back soon and do a show and tell!


  1. Brilliant scrapbook page and your nephew looks adorable! xxx

  2. Great page, colours work so well with the photo x

    Good day yesterday too :)

  3. Your nephew is gorgeous & what a stunning layout :) We had to stop the pinch punch thing in our house - it got too competitive between me & Dean, the tension on the 1st of the months was too much to bear LOL x


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