Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tinkerbell Tag I'm It...........

Thanks Liza for the tag you can see her fab blog here ! Now I have to write seven random or weird things about me, so here goes:

1, I was once the jingle girl on the local hospitals radio station

2, I watch charlie and the chocolate factory almost weekly

3, I talk in my sleep BADLY and once told hubby all his Christmas Prezzies.

4, I have never been to a concert

5, I once auditioned to go on supermarket sweep! (I didn't get through!)

6, I love Marmite, cheese and chicken sandwiches

7, I named my cat Olive as she looked like she had glasses on like Olive from on the buses so therefore had to call her brother Arthur! Great idea until you have to call them in at night!!!!

I now have to tag this to 7 people but I am going to tag it to all the people that visit my blog, so feel free to tag away.


  1. OMG you have changed the buns to choccies. My mouth is watering looking at them. Mind you myIBS is already cramping at the thought!!! lol. Have you managed to stay stood up yet. Luv ya

  2. Ha! You made me laugh today. So funny re talking in your sleep, just so long as you don't let slip how much your craft stuff costs lol! Chris x

  3. Love the blog and always get inspiration from you. Made me chuckle about Olive getting her own brekkies! Sitting here trying to type this with a kitten sitting smack in front of the keyboard poised to strike at any moment! xx


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