Monday, 23 March 2009

How do kids brains work?????

My little nephew has just popped in to say hello, I gave him a cake with icing on and it all ran down his finger.....he then said "Auntie look at this" he was very excited to show me how the icing had made his finger look like Father Christmas............... LOL it does a bit doesn't it.......bless him. He then insisted I took a photo and showed my friends on my crafty site........bless him. So as per his request here is his Father Christmas icing finger! I hope you all like it. x


  1. Lol !! I have 2 boys with great imaginations like your nephew too.
    Cute .......until they wipe their hands on those tea towels you just put out for show !! He he bless them

  2. How funny it really does though!
    kim x

  3. Oh bless him.

    You can tell him I can see father christmas too.


  4. Hohoho
    bless him, how sweet are kids!

  5. Did I notice icing sugar trailing from those cupcake tea towle, Ooops... lol

    How cute is your nephew, bless him...

  6. Oh yes, there is defo a likeness there, lol! Don't ya just love 'um!
    Hugs Tab xxx


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