Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yummy Cupcakes!

As I mentioned this morning, Natalie held her cupcake SU class in my conservatory last night. Well if there is a cupcake class we just had to have CUPCAKES. So here are my vanilla and strawberry jam cupcakes with vanilla frosting.
I was really excited as yesterday as it was the first time this year I have been well enough to bake. It also meant that I got to put them on my Cupcake stand that Mr Wonka brought me for Christmas that had been sitting in the cupboard ever since.

All I need now is a magic spell that removes all the calories! Can anyone help with that?????


  1. Well how very scrumptious they were too!!

    very yummy ladies, highly recommended....

    I had a fabulous night, albeit a stress journey there, I soon relaxed with cupcake in one hand and stamping up goodies in the other, and the company of fabbi peeps too!! Thankyou to you both...

  2. Yep you should give them all to me :o)cos they were gorjuss!!!!!!!!


  3. I can confirm that the cupcakes were fantastic, the real variety and the card ones. Carlioes, carlies, what is it? look I can't even spell it, so it can't exist!!!!!

    Margaret xx

  4. Abra cadabera give them all to your friends xx there no calories

  5. oh noooooooooooo I wanna move near your house, lol. Look delish hunny .... zero cals = give them all to me then you dont have to worry!

  6. Wowzers these look so low fat nothing to worry about there I think!
    Great to see you back in the baking mode!
    kim x

  7. Oh my....these are fantastic!....and I love cupcakes so this is also torture! (in a nice way)....xx

  8. Mrs Wonka you have made me hungry now! These cakes look fab! Glad to hear you feeling well enough to bake again.
    Hugs Lynsey:)


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