Friday, 20 March 2009

Super Sunny Craft Day!

I normally craft upstairs in my craft room but I have been crafting in my conservatory today. Olive desperately wanted to join in (yes I know she is a cat but just humor me!).....she really isn't allowed on the table and I was feeling mean telling her to keep getting I popped one of her little custom made cat duvets (that's a whole different story! you thought the show tea towels were bad enough!) onto the table where she spent the afternoon sitting and watching or snoozing.
I was playing more than creating but I had a lovely couple of hours crafting away singing (badly) to the radio. This is one of my little makes today.
It is a little flip card made with left overs from my Petal Party "Simply Scrappin" kit. Well that's all from me in sunny Sussex! Hopefully be back tomorrow with another one!


  1. I love that cat! Mine have been sitting in the window sunbathing all day - exhausting work!
    Jen x

  2. Lovely card Mrs W! and Olive looks so cute when she's "helping".

    Liza x

  3. She look as though she's made herself at home on your table! Love your pretty card, eally gorgeous colours,
    Love Sarita xx

  4. sounds like you have had a wonderful time~ you, crafting and your cat!!
    gorgeous card
    vanessa xx

  5. Ah it's my little friend Olive

    *waves to olive*

    I'm still not to sure about that set but I love the card.


  6. Hi sweet cheeks, go to my blog. I tagged you, you are it lmao xx

  7. Olive only wanted to help and get a few ideas!!

    Love the flippy card!!

    See ya Monday
    Justine x

  8. Yummy card but Olive win's im afraid xx Love to Arthur too... where was he in the ribbon box. Tee hee xx

  9. Aww Olive you ickle cuti patooties you! look at her watching sooo cute...

    Luv ya card where does it flip???


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