Friday, 29 April 2011

So Excited!

Well I'm guessing that my invitation to the event of the decade has got lost in the post! So it looks as though I will be watching it on TV.
I have my flag up ready and can't wait to see her dress and have a good old nose at who's wearing what! I just hope that the day is free from protest and violence! Right I must go and polish my crown and get ready as Mum is coming over to watch it with me as Dad & Mr Wonka would rather watch paint dry!
I hope that you all have a lovely day off, whether that includes the wedding or not!
See you soon xxx


  1. Didn't they both look just gorgeous. the only thing that was missing was Diana :(, she would have been so imensely proud. I hope you and your Mumma had a good day Hun. Unfortunately I didn't get a day off work and still had to get up and go......grrrrr LOL..xxxx

  2. Could have sworn I saw you enter the abbey?

    Hope you enjoyed watching it with your Mum.
    We watched from bed with coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich :)
    Coffee served in commemmoration mugs I might add - purchased by Robert just for the occassion!

  3. hope you "girls" enjoyed your day ~had my parents over for the day ~ the men did start to take an interest like us girls.... they just don`t want to admit it!!
    vanessa xx

  4. Oh I soooo loved it, she looked stunning made ole harrys' eyes pop out she I just know that Diana was there beside them and she wont let nowt happen to that pair! Start as you mean to go on William do things YOUR way!

  5. Hi Zoe
    Wasn't it FAB-U-LUS, loved every minute of it, didn't she look beautiful, & Will's look so handsome. Only thing missing (of course) was Diana, wouldn't she have been SO proud of her lovely boys, they are BOTH such a HUGE credit to her. Hubby was finishing off building his shed, and was given VERY strict instructions NOT to disturb me (which he didn't bless him).
    Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did
    Sandra (craftynan)


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