Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Birthday Show & Tell

Well I can't drag this birthday out much longer, although I could try..... I thought you would like to see these few things.
These are the stamps that I was going on about yesterday from my Brother and his family, I love them and can't wait to play with them.
These are some of my handmade cards I received from my crafting buddies, receiving any card is special but ones that have had blood and sweat dripped over them always seem a tinsy bit more special! So thanks to Suzie Q, Tracy, Treacle, Sarah, Jackie & THE Natalie O'shea.
Finally this is the funniest card I think I have ever received! I am not proud to admit it but this could actually be me!!!!


  1. ha ha ha ha I love that card it's so funny and so fitting although you did share choccie last night!!!!!!


  2. Luvly stamps & cards,Happy B'Day for the other day!!! :o)x

  3. absolutely brilliant!!!! Love the stamps too - lucky girl ... worth getting a year older for, lol

  4. you make me wet my big momma pants - you do!
    of course there will be ring side seats and cupcakes for all.
    Hooray xx

  5. That card made me laugh out loud! Can't wait to see what you make with your new stamps.

  6. Hi,great stamps,lovely birthday cards especially the chocolate one...lol
    Take care
    Sandra x

  7. Hi

    Thanks for visiting my blog an leaving such a kind comment. I'm glad you visited, as I've been able to find your fantastic blog. I love what you've done.

    Belated Happy Birthday by the way.

    And in the words of Arnie,"I'll be back"

    Love Debbie xx

  8. great stamps - you lucky thing!! i had to treat myself to the new forever friends stuff too!

  9. Haaaaaa!!! me peed me pants lol that is sooo funny i want one of those, tee hee

    happy belated birthdays wishes girley!!

  10. Waaaahhh love it xxxxxx And quite right to lol xxxx

  11. Ooooooo LUCKY you! I wish I had a brother like that!

    Love that choccie card. My sentiments exactly!

    Belated happy birthday!


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