Sunday, 28 September 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.........

It is official I have too much time on my hands! I received an email this week with the words to Julie Andrews "My favorite things" with reference to her getting older.......So as I said, I have too much time on my hands so I re-wrote it for crafting.............
In true Julie Andrews Style........... Sing along now.......

Papers and velum the occasional scrap kit Stash that's so precious you just have to stroke it Buttons and ribbons, the joy that it brings to be surrounded in my crafting things Bright coloured pencils all ready to sharpen packets of new stuff that I'm yet to open Rub ons and stencils and big balls of string special foam stuff to help my stamps cling With my trimmer, and some shimmer and a sharp craft knife I simply get crafting until I complete a project that looks real nice Tubs full of glitter and jars full of flowers a daylight lamp that helps me craft all hours half finished scrapbooks and sketches galore cropadile circles all over my floor Stickers and fibres the most you have seen sitting in the corner my sewing machine a supply of replacement blades, a box full of glue Oh I have so many projects to do With my trimmer and some shimmer and a sharp craft knife I simply get crafting until I complete a project that looks real nice..........


  1. ha ha ha ha I love it Zoe!! Just found your blog, hope you are keeping well...
    Justine x

  2. Great words - though my singing left a little to be desired..
    Karen Rel
    Blog Stalker

  3. thought the Julie Andrews songwords were very good, norman

  4. How funny!! That is so cute.

  5. OMG you really have got to much time on your hands lol

    I love it though


  6. Thank you! I was feeling down today but you've really cheered me up with this song.

    There's a little something for you over at my blog here
    If you don't use the link, look at entries on 26 September.

  7. Much much too much time on your hands missie! However, I know what you mean and it was very funny.

  8. Where do your talents end mrs...
    You are such a clever clogs xx

  9. You make me laugh - true mercury fm jingle style xxx

  10. Those were the days......we missed fame by an inch! x


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