Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Rest Of Christmas

Well Christmas morning we have our stockings.....mine was full of smellies and some mini stamps, coloured pens, sweeties, sellotape (I love sellotape another little addiction of mine!) hair bobbles....just lots of bits and bobs. Then it's downstairs for the I did already have my main prezzie which was a Cricut Expression which I got for a bargain amount of spondoolie off a blogging buddy a couple of weeks ago.Mr W did try and make me wait till Christmas YEAH RIGHT!!!! I was then surprised with lots of lovely thoughtful gifts from Mr W including loads of cupcake making books and gadgets so keep your eyes peeled for cupcake creations over the next few weeks! We then popped to see my nephew for an hour. He was so excited but such a good boy. Here is a pic of when he was a king in his nativity, it was a great beard but rather interfered with his singing LOL! Then it was homeward bound for me & Mr W where he cooked a beautiful Christmas dinner for the two of us and we pretty much chilled for the rest of the day. Mum & Dad came for tea and then we watched the rather poor Christmas TV (apart from The Royal Family)and went to bed! (oh how I roared at the royal family, Oh how Mr W roared at the royal family as he firmly believed that I would have found that a perfectly acceptable Christmas dinner! LOL )
Boxing day was spent with family and friends came to visit yesterday so all in all a wonderful time was had by all! I did get a few crafty prezzies apart from my Expression from my fabby crafty buds...I also got some fabby non crafty goodies from my crafty buds so a massive thank you to you all !
Yummy Stampin up Christmas scrapbook kit

The beautiful new Penny Black clear stamps

Ohhhhh a Mrs Wonka favorite......Doodlebug
Better than Doodlebug........MORE Doodlebug!
Scrumdiddilyumptious Stampin Up All In The Family Set
So all in all a super trooper Christmas! I hope that you all had a wonderful time and that you are all now recovering nicely! Do pop back tomorrow as I have something VERY exciting to show you!


  1. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas Mrs. W and I hope you aren't going to to just stroke all your new Doodlebug stash LOL! Have fun. Chris x

  2. Hi Mrs W sounds like you had a fabulous christmas! I look forward to seeing your cupcakes over the next year.We watched the royle family too, oh carrot crush haha. wishing you a happy new

  3. Wonderful prezzies,WOW!!!
    The Royle Family was soooo funny,we have all been laughing about it on facebook!!! :o)x

  4. Hey Mrs. W. sounds like it all went like a dream and you got some fabulous goodies. Love the piccie of the little king there how sweet!
    Not sure I would have liked that carrot crush though!
    kim xxx

  5. Aww Zoe, doesn't he look a sweetie with his beard, bless him. And you are sooo lucky having Mr W to cook your din-dins!! I'm not sure mine knows where the oven is lol xxxx We watched the Royle Family although the sight of Jim's bare ass was quite disturbing lol xxxx Loved Denise's line to Dave re him only managing to get a turkey with 2 legs. Fab xxxxx

  6. wow Mrs W what a fab christmas you had all those lovely crafty things but those PB stamps are absolutley gorgeous! if they had been in my stocking i wouldnt have opened anything else lol...........

    Emma xxx

  7. Sounds like you had a fabbilicous crimbo, thanks soooo much for the poo!! rofl... Fabulous WINMIESTER LOVED HERS TOO!! Though Stamord spat his I wonder if he would have done that if it were a cupcake as I was hoping!!


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