Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Whilst Sheppards Wash Their Socks At Night.........

............do you remember singing those silly words. We used to think it's hilarious as did my nephew Kyle this year along with "Jingle Bells Batman smells" and "when Santa got stuck up the chimney" Christmas is all over now as we prepare for the new year so I thought I would share this last Christmas picture with you. This is when Kyle was a Sheppard ( a dog carrying Sheppard) in his nativity. I'm surprised that we haven't had calls from any London agents he was that good.......well in his Aunties eyes obviously! I have also received this lovely award from the wonderful Hev, thank you. I now have to tell you 5 addictions, it took me a while to think about this one. I finally came up with 5
  1. Cadburys Wispa
  2. Lindt Reindeer's
  3. Chocolate Orange (one of the important 5 a day!)
  4. Maltesers
  5. Orange Matchmakers (where did they disappear to? I'm so pleased they are back in my life!)

I now have to pass it on to 5 people, I have had a root around and I have been so slow most people have received it already! So I award it to any fellow chocolate munching crafters!


  1. Kyle looks fantastic in his costume Mrs. W and I bet he was the star of the nativity. I like your faves list, I think it's the best one I've seen LOL! Happy new year. Chris x

  2. I'm with you on the Cadbury's Wispa addiction. Love 'em. Thanks for becoming a follower on my new blog, and you never know there may be a prize for the first! Love, Clare x

  3. Blimey you do like your choccy....Lol
    Lovely pic of your nephew, bless
    Emma x

  4. what a cutie pie, happy new year to you. hugs rachxx

  5. What a sweetie little sausage, bless xxx

    Have a fabulous new year Zoe. Lots of love and peace and good wishes darlin xxxxx


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