Sunday, 5 July 2009

Need help with your 5 a day?

Look what Mr Wonka & I made for dessert today! Yum yum pigs bum!!!!!!!! I wanted to share it with you as this is a great way of getting your five a day, each portion counts as a 1 of your 5 so if you were to have one of these a day that would be your 5 a day sorted! I like to spread the word on healthy eating and hoped this has proved helpful. LOL This is my Dad enjoying his.......

He is saving the bit in his moustache for later............

Sorry I didn't join in with the Stamp With Us challenge this week, I am up to my eyes in it at the moment and just didn't get time to make my card. Please pop over and check out the other cards though they have all done a FAB job this week!


  1. For you to send me a portion you need my address

    37 Neth....

    If only...

    Lynn xx

  2. I like your reasoning! This looks too yummy for words :)
    Clare x

  3. That looks sooo good!any left?
    Nah thought not! lol

  4. Oh yeah I am liking your thinking!
    kim x

  5. Zoe you blog the yummiest thing !!! I mean the cake not your dad (although he looks a sweetie !!)
    Hugs Susie xx

  6. oh my chickeriedooooooooooo...... such fabulousness, forget the cupcakes thats for lunch when i come!!!

    Oh look at ya Dad, he is just as I imagined....

  7. Oh Sweetie thank you for showing us such a great way to get our 5 a day, your dad certainly seemed tp be enjoying it
    Jacqui x

  8. Mmmm that looks very yummy and i like your way of


  9. oooooh yummy, I want some LOL! Your dad looks like he is enjoying it!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  10. OMG I'm so not showing Matt this piccie he'll be gutted he never got some I know I am l ol. Although he did polish off the rest of the NY cheesecake on Sunday morning. He thinks we should have that for breakfast every morning lol.


  11. hi, what a lovely pudding. I bet it tasted nice.


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