Saturday, 18 December 2010

Good morning from a very snowy Sussex!

My goodness where is all this white stuff coming from......about 3" in a couple of hours! We are all stocked up and the fires on so we are staying put for the weekend! I have some last minute crafting to do and a bit of wrapping other than that it is Christmas films with Mr Wonka and the Kit Nits!!!!! I just wanted to pop on and show you my latest Christmas tree ornaments, how cool are they, they are perfect on my gold and brown themed tree! They shouted at me in the garden centre and had to come home with me!!!! I'll be back tomorrow to do some more show and tell............


  1. I think we will be doing the same this weekend, nice & warm inside, might have to watch Mrs Miracle! I love those cheesey xmas films!
    Stay warm both..
    Justine x x x

  2. Hi Zoe
    that looks yummy. Can you not show us a photo of the whole of the tree ???? sounds fab-u-lus brown & gold. We havn't got ours up yet, as we have just decorated & the carpets are being cleaned before we put it up.

  3. Oooooh these look rather fab, bet your whole tree is gorgeous! I got some rather lovely glass cupcake baubles the other day for mine.....really hoped to get some glass sprouts, but alas no luck with them ....yet!


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