Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow, More Snow, Bad News and Frozen Paws!

Well where do I start it has been an eventful few days here. Lets start with the snow snow and more snow! As you will all know snow has taken over the world and that includes my little piece of it. Here are a few pics for you: Mr Wonka and I couldn't get to work Wednesday or Thursday and although it is sooooooooooooo pretty I wish it would go away now! Mr Wonka has managed to get in today and I am at home. Although I shouldn't be as (now for the bad news) I was supposed to be having an operation today in Brighton hospital but they have had to cancel it due to the adverse weather conditions! I understand fully why they have had to do this but it is so hard as I have been waiting since August and living in constant pain is very tiresome! On the plus side I have all my Christmas shopping done and magazine commissions up to date so I can relax and chill out for a few days. The hospital seem to think I will have to go back on the waiting list, I will let you know when I hear any more. Finally I thought you might like to see some frozen paws.........
Not the best picture in the world but she has been so funny, in some places the snow is taller than little Olive so she has to hop about like a little rabbit. Surprisingly for Arthur he seems to have more sense and is firmly positioned on the sofa! LOL I hope that you are all safe and warm where you are and making the most of the extra crafting time! See you soon xxx


  1. Hope you don't have to wait too long for the operation Zoe and will make a wish for you x

  2. Hope the op is sorted soon. x

  3. Hope its sorted out soon for you :)

  4. Oh Zoe - lots of hugs and I hope they can reschedule soon for you. I am sure you will go to the top of the waiting list having had a definite date cancelled. I would get on the phone and jump up and down at them! XXX

  5. Frippin Snow, it has a lot to answer for!

    How cute does Olive look though!

  6. Hi Zoe - hope you get a new date soon. You won't go to the bottom of the list you will stay at the top.

    Karen x


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