Friday, 10 December 2010

No it's not my sister who is 75!

This is a card that I made for a little old lady who comes into my post office where I work, she found out that I'm a crafter and asked me to make a special card for her sister who was turning 75 in a couple of weeks. I don't often make cards for other people as I rarely get time to meet all my card making commitments as it is, without taking on more work. But she is so lovely I couldn't say no. Here is the card:I saw her a few days later and produced the card, and she said that she had actually got it wrong and that her sister is actually 76 not 75 so she doesn't need it anymore! So if any of you have a 75 year old sister please get in bless her! I have got a day off today (actually I have every Friday off) and am going to start the wrapping of the presents! This is where I find out that I have brought far too much and lose the will to live at around lunch time! Wish me luck............


  1. Ahhh bless her. Lovely card! I too should really start the wrapping. I know I've already bought too much, I've forgot what I've bought and ended up buying more! I do it every year, why don't I learn! Enjoy the mammoth wrapping session!
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~

  2. pmsl what can you say to that!¬


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