Saturday, 31 December 2011

Forgot to show you.................

my Christmas cake! I cheated 100% when making it by using the Delia kit from Waitrose and decorated it using ready rolled icing and marzipan and flower paste snowflakes and holly. ( I did make the decorations though so maybe only 90% cheating!)
This is the first time I have covered and decorated a cake and although it isn't perfect I am pleased with how it has come out. I can't actually tell you how it tastes as I hate fruit Mr Wonka assures me it is super tasty though! It will take him a while to get through it all............

I'd better scoot, we have got some good friends coming to stay for the weekend to see the New Year in and I have got 100 things to do before they arrive! I hope that you all have a lovely evening xxx


  1. Get you girlfriend!!
    chief cake decorator as well eh!where do your talents end!!!
    i hope you have a lovely weekend with friends and a happy new year to you and Mr Wonka x
    Suzie Qx

  2. Looks gorgeous but I wouldn't taste test either - along with sprouts I hate fruit cake too!! Mr P thinks I am very strange!!!

    Happy New Year to you.

    Karen x

  3. That cakes looks amazing Mrs! And I just LUUUUURVE the sprouty shade of green that you used for the holly....are you leaning toward the darkside??? ;)
    Twas truly lovely to bump into you earlier Zoe, what an unexpected and lovely surprise. Happy New Year to you and Toni....have a fun night :D

  4. LOL! Love the cake!

    I made the same Delia cake and did mine with ready roll marzipan and home made royal icing, but, like you, I can stand fruit cake :)
    Mine was Dad's birthday cake (christmas day) and he said it was nice.

    You should be very proud it looks fabulous!


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