Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Sproutmas!

Morning bloggers! I'm back again and only 3 more sleeps!!!!!!

I wanted to share something I made recently with you today. It is well known among family and friends that I HATE HATE HATE sprouts, as far as I'm concerned they are bogey balls of evilness (ok maybe a little harsh but you get the idea) but one of my good friends Anita LOVES them. I have had a campaign going for 18 months now to ban them and she is of course fighting for their survival! LOL so for Christmas I came up with what I thought was the perfect gift....................

Yup a sprout wreath! It seemed like a good idea when I started! I soon regretted it, my hands stunk of sprouts for days, I keep finding sprouts in the craft room and car! It is like the little green beasts are haunting me!!!!! I am pleased to say that she loved it, I can also guarantee that it is a limited edition of 1 as I won't be getting that close to sprouts again for a while!

I am having a slow day today, catching up on a few bits around the house and writing my list for Mr Wonka to do the big Christmas shop on Friday!

See you soon x


  1. Wow!
    me loves this wreath but am sorry to say................
    I am a lover of the bogey balls of evilness!
    Long may they live!!
    have a great crimbo
    Suzie qx

  2. I am with you Zoe on the evilness of sprouts - you poor thing what you had to endure to produce this wreath of bogeyness. So pleased Anita loved it and glad to hear that it is limited edition LOL.

    Happy Christmas!!

    Karen x

  3. Whohooooo *Up The Sprouts!!*
    I absolutely adore my wreath you lovely lady and I am so honoured that you put yourself through such personal torment to produce such a sproutiliciously divine pressie. I am, as we speak, perfecting the extraction of the juices of those delightful little green orbs and will then go on to produce giftware in the form of bottles of Eau De Toilet, essential oils for use in massage and reed diffusers and of course, especially for you....some room spray :D. ( guess what you have wrapped up under your tree lol). Seriously though, I am really chuffed Hun and I reckon its the best pressie ever.
    Have a fab chrimbo..xxxxx

  4. This is absolutely amazing ... how did you make it? Hugs Jillix

  5. FABULOUS !!!! I like it !!! very funny
    merry christmas
    hugs coco


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