Saturday, 24 December 2011

No he's not up there Arthur!!!!!!

Happy Christmas eve!!!!Only one more sleep!!!! I am all ready for action, the fridge is full, house is tidy the presents are wrapped and I could sleep for a week! LOL. No crafting today I'm afraid I  just wanted to pop on and show you this picture I took yesterday. 

I had a friend popping round yesterday and put her and her sons gift on the fireplace for them, I think Arthur thought Santa had been and tried to see if he was still up there.............

Actually I have no idea what he was doing.....he is such an odd cat! 

For the first time in years I am all ready a day early! So am planning a nice relaxed day today with Mr Wonka  although I expect he will be wrapping my presents till midnight! That isn't because there is so many but because he hates doing it and leaves it to the last minute! Last year he even asked me to if I could wrap with my eyes shut so that I could wrap my own without spoiling the surprises! What's he like.............

Before I go I just wanted to thank you for my sprout wreath comments! Someone asked how I made it, well it was just a polystyrene wreath ring and each sprout was lovingly hammered into it using cocktail sticks. Then the bow was added on the bottom using wire. So give it a go, I'd love to see your own sprouty creations! LOL 

Right I'm off, Happy Christmas everyone, I hope that you all have a lovely day tomorrow, I'll be back soon. xxx


  1. Hello My Lovely, just popping in to wish you, Mr Wonka and your furries a super duper Christmas and I am so looking forward to catching up with you in the New Year.
    Your fireplace looks lovely :)

    Love n sprouty hugs
    Anita and the Sprout clan..xx

  2. Happy Christmas Zoe!!!

    Sounds like your DH is as bad as mine - I really expect to get mine handed to me this year in a carrier bag or padded envelopes - he is working till midnight tonight and I doubt he will bother doing them when he gets in LOL!!!!!

  3. Happy Christmas Zoe. Mr Wonker sounds like my son who is still to wrap his gifts, he is working until 6pm then we are straight off to my sisters for the evening so not sure when it will happen! LOL x


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