Monday, 14 June 2010

Gift Card Holder Wallet!

I did say I would pop back today with a pic of Nat's prezzie, so here I am, & here it is......... She's off to Monico on Wednesday so I brought her a book token so she could chill by the pool with a good book or two! That's if she can sip cocktails and read at the same time! Am I sounding bitter and jealous..........LOL It matches her card that I blogged yesterday. It opens up and has a little wallet in the middle for you to slip in your gift card!Clever huh!
I can't take the credit though I saw it on a blog and printed the instructions off about 18 months ago, I cut and pasted them into a word doc so can't remember who it was to give credit too so let me know if anyone knows!
Had better dash as I am off to work today! Catch ya later alligator! x

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  1. Hi Zoe
    love this, I bet natalie loved it too.
    Sandra (craftynan)


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