Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A much younger Mrs W!!!!

Here you go, as promiced, my fathers day present for Papa Wonka! (No laughing allowed!) He loved it and it now has pride of place where he can se it all the time LOL. That's all from me today, things are a little stressful in the Wonka household! Mr Wonka has the week off to decorate ARGHHHHHHHHH!! Last time he was on solo decorating duty , removing fitted wardrobes, re decorating and fitting new wardrobes it went something like this......... Day One : Wardrobes knocked out with a sledge hammer, forgetting the were attached to the ceiling, half the ceiling came down and we had a skylight to the loft! Day Two: He decided the easiest way for him to get the wardrobe rubbish (and half the ceiling) out into the back garden was to throw it out the back bedroom window......forgetting about the conservatory and garden furniture!!! Yup you guessed it, roof cracked and patio furniture smashed! Day Three: Windows varnished, varnished beautifully, but shut too soon and stuck together so a broken window pain whilst trying to get the window back open! In the end and a few hundred pounds more than expected he did finally make a beautiful job of the bedroom, I'm hoping things will go a little smoother this time, I am scared to come home from work! LOL I'll keep you posted.................


  1. Ahh lovely gift for Papa.... hope the decorating goes well but I will look forward to hearing what goes on. lol

  2. lol That's sooo funny!! I won't ask for any DIY tips! hahaha Hope your house is still standing when you get home! x

  3. Hi Zoe
    bet your dad loved his present, can't see that you have changed that much you still look the same to me. Loved hearing about your husbands D.I.Y. made me cry with laughing so much.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  4. oh, sounds like decorating in my house - OH decided it was a great idea to take an angle grinder to my craftroom wall - i was cleaning up dust for weeks after and it took best part of £40 to fill the hole afterwards!!

    loving the piccie :)

  5. Awww Poor mr wonka...lol at least he tried!!

    and what a fabulous fun gift for ya Dad no wonder he was over the moon!!


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