Monday, 25 August 2008

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby....ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh

My mum and dad have been married for 40 years later on this year and are celebrating their ruby wedding with a massive family party. I have been working on the invitations for 2 months on and off and I have just finished them and thought you would like to see them!

They are quite simple but every gem was put on by hand and every circle (4 each invite) cut by hand (using my creative memories circle cutter). They are all complete with insert and Mum and Dad are over the moon with them. I would like to mention that not 1 Pebbles Inc rub on , Doodlebug product or Penny Black stamp was used in the making of these invitations!!!! See I can do it.


  1. Well done you! you should be very proud as they are stunning and congratulations to Mummy & Daddy Williams

  2. What great cards, have enjoyed looking at all your handiwork. Do I get a chocolate now? Norman Borman

  3. What a good looking chap.

  4. I wonder if my dad has found my blog????


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