Sunday, 15 November 2009

Poo Cakes...........

These are some football cupcakes that I made for Natalie's sons birthday. He loves football & chocolate so what better than chocolate football cupcakes!
Well that was the plan but as I was piping the chocolate frosting on I noticed that they were looking a little Mr Whippy poo like!
Natalie did indeed agree that they were a little on the turdy side like but I can happily confirm that the boys all loved their "Poo cakes"!
Oh well back to the drawing board! Hope I haven't put you off your breakfast!
Be back soon


  1. LOL Hope they had a fabturdy time, they look dare i say turdilicous!!

  2. Hee....just the word 'chocolate' gets me....I'm sure they tasted lovely! xx

  3. pmsl sorry but have to agree with Kimmie they look turdilicious but so glad they tasted like chocolate!! (they did didn;t they!!)
    Suzie Qx


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