Thursday, 20 November 2008

Arthurs return to the great outdoors!!!!!

As I am slaving over a 7 card commission that I can't show you!!!! (I wish I could as you might give me some inspiration!)I thought I would give you a little update on my furry Oompaloompas! Well Arthur went to the vet on Monday and he had lost just over a third of his body weight! The vet said he was a VERY lucky boy! She advised to feed him little and often and keep him in for a couple more days . Well we were petrified to let him out of our sight as you can imagine! So yesterday afternoon I thought he could have a little wander round the garden for some fresh air! He had a little look: and decided he would stay in for a while longer! Bless him....... so more cuddles and we'll try again later!

Now Olive........ you know the cat that joined in the FIND ARTHUR campaign and looked for him nearly every minute of the day well...........she HATES him! I think she had decided that she was enjoying life on her own and judging by her reaction I wouldn't be surprised if it was her that locked him in the shed! LOL So hopefully in a week or two they will be back to normal! I thought you would like this final installment on O & A but better turn this blog back into my crafting factory not a cat one! So hopefully I can post a new creation later!


  1. O dear! Trouble at the factory,lol!!!!
    They are sooo cute & funny,I luv reading about them :o)x

  2. Oh how sweet Olive is obviously not going to forgive him too soon for leaving her. Poor Arthur like it was his fault bless him.
    kim x

  3. Awww poor Arthur norty olive!!!


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