Monday, 24 November 2008

Gingerbread House As You Have Never Seen Before!

Well I think the face says it all.......Auntie did try really hard to put his gingerbread house together, a couple of bits were broken when we got it out the box, so after carefully cementing them back together we decorated it beautifully. It all went wrong at construction stage! We finally patchworked it all together and ceremoniously placed the roof on when ......DISASTER we experienced a complete collapse situation! Kyle summed it up by announcing "it's more like a gingerbread bonfire really!" Never mind there's always a next time!!!!! I have finally finished my commission today!!! I'll post some sneak peeks tomorrow! So I can now get on with some more of my Christmas cards and challenges!


  1. Oh lordy lordy!
    Sorry Kyle but your auntie has made a laugh. Just love this photo. What a tragic end poor gingerbread house well practice makes perfect as they say!
    kim x

  2. Haha!!! A bonfire,lol!!!!
    Aww,well you had fun trying (&eating it!!!) :o)x

  3. oh my! It looks yummy scrummy though! Your little newphew such a sweetie hehehe! :0)
    Tab xxx

  4. Oh dear what a shame, bet it still tasted good though.
    Lyndsey xx

  5. Rofl.. his face bless him sooo funny poor little mite, bet he felt sick after eating that lot!!! Sorry Kyle ....

  6. Hi Mrs W, sorry I had to laugh Kyles face is a picture! I love it when kiddies pull those kind of faces. I hope he enjoyed eating it anyway.x


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