Tuesday, 11 November 2008

They Say No News Is Good News!

It was Kyle's Birthday yesterday and he had a little Halloween party for his friends....he loves anything spooky! Being the super Auntie I am I made him some ghostie meringues (just meringues with some ghostie faces on them) and some spooky cupcakes!
Still no news on Arthur.......all the local papers come out over the next couple of days with adverts in so hopefully that may lead him home! I'll keep you posted with any developments. I'm going to make some cards later!(yes really!!!)


  1. Wow these look wonderful!
    Great you could get into the local paper so hope he turns up soon.
    kim x

  2. Drool Drool - they look yummy!! Bet the little dinks will love them xxx

  3. Aww,bless you & Arthur! I'm gutted for you,I'm really willing him back home,asap :o)x

    Those cakes look sooo yummy,you think they would stand up to being posted,cos then you could send me one,lol?! ;O)x

  4. Wow your Spooky Cupcakes look yummy!
    Hope Arthur is home soon. Debbie x

  5. I'm happy to send one for you Diane!!!!! I would love to see you open it all squished!!!!!

  6. Oh what a fab Auntie you are, they look absolutely scumptious!!
    Joanne x

  7. Hi Mrs Wonka, these cupcakes are absolutely fabulous! cor I wish my aunty was more like you! lol. Wishing arthur home for you hopefully the newspaper will pull up some leads.xxx

  8. what cool cakes!How do you make the icing all puffed up like that?!

  9. mommmmm miam miam !!!! super your cake !!!!

  10. Fabulous cakes, they look really scrummy yummy!
    :0) Tab xxx

  11. Oh and there wasn't a cupcake for me :o(.

    I bet they tasted as good as they look.

    I'll keep willing Arthur home whilst i'm away working. No rest for the wicked eh :o)


  12. MMmm...these look yummy and your birthday card is fantastic...

    Just to say, I had a cat that went missing for 2 months!! She used to visit a family we found out, who then decided one day they would keep her, assuming she didn't belong anywhere...I spotted her one day after they were taking her out in the car?!! (Mmmm) and she wasn't that far from home either...they said, "we didn't see it in the paper!", so I hope the adverts in the papers will bring Arthur home for you...xx

  13. Mmmmm now I know they are scumptious, oh how i wished I were invited....
    Poor Arthur I can't stop thhinking about it....


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