Monday, 3 November 2008

I'm So Excited.......& I Just Can't Hide It......

..............i'm about to loose control and I think I like it!!!!!!!!!!! I have just seen that I was this weeks winner of the FANDABULOUS Moonlight stamps over at Papertake Weekly . Thank you so much I love the stamps and can't wait to play with them! I recon it was Dawny's 1st sketch that brought me luck so here's a Mrs Wonka thank you for Papertake Weekly, Moonlight Stamps and Dawny! Any other blog readers are welcome to a chunk as well.............


  1. Congratulations Mrs Wonka

    You deserve it!!!!!!

    Thanks for the choccie I just hope you've got another bar for the rest of ya readers cos that one is mine all mine (insert evil laugh)

  2. Congratulations!!! I won last weeks Sarah Kay challenge too!!! :o)x

  3. So happy that you won!
    Brilliant card you so deserved it.
    Thanks for the bite.
    kim x

  4. Congratulations & well done. You deserve it with all your fabulous cards!
    Teresa xx

  5. Ahh I am chuffed for ya sweet cheeks xxxx Ta for the choc as well - yummy!!! But I only took a little bite cos I have to remember that little pickers wear bigger knickers, and mine are like Bridget Jones' big gadunga ones as it is lol xxxx

  6. well done you.and for the ta for the choc

  7. Congrat.... ooops, sorry my mum said its rude to talk with your mouth full... thanks for the chocolate ...oh and CONGRATULATIONS..

  8. Congrats ... again - wow you have done well!!! ta for the choccy - have left you something on my blog as a reward

  9. Congrats!!! That is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the chocolaty goodness..yum-o!!! Hugs, TaraG

  10. Congratulations for winning the stamps! Your card is gorgeos! And I wanted to let you know that your price is on the way to you. Greetings!


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I may even let you have a choccy from my husbands chocolate factory!!!!! Mrs Wonka x