Saturday, 1 November 2008

Introducing Frankenstein..........

I was "Trick or Treated" at half past 10 yesterday morning by Frankenstein......... I thought I would share with you the picture as I think that my nephew is the best Frankenstein ever!!! (couldn't you just eat him........) There may be a few more pics over the next week or so as so far he has this outfit, a mummy, a spider, a ghost and Dracula! So be prepared for a massive overkill of proud Auntie pictures! ohhhhhh and I didn't make the PB design team..... but thank you for all your lovely comments. I'll just have to try again next time........:)


  1. How adorable is your nephew!
    I had a dracula visit me but he said he didn't do photos. Thank goodness dracula's mummy has one for me.
    kim x

  2. Oh how cute is he.

    Lucifer was the Grim Reaper and Herb was a Witch, which is very fitting for her at the moment lol

    I'm so sorry you never made the design team


  3. Your nephew is sooo very cute! As for the design team, it's their loss not to have such a telented crafter an such a lovely person xx

  4. OOoh very scary ;)
    What a cutie!!!
    I am a proud Aunty too - so I get it!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Another Wonka lover! I LOVE Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder owned that part! I just wanted to drop by to congratulate you on your Papertake challenge win and to say that your Frankenstein is soooo adorable! My son went as a pumpkin, but I am going to have to find that Frankenstein for next year! I really love your blog and if you don't mind, I plan on coming here everytime I get a sweet tooth! You are just as sweet and less fattening! LOL!
    Have a great week, Leslie


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