Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Roll Up Roll Up...................

Just a quick reminder to everyone who is taking part in this round of online classes, I am hosting my live chat and sketch challenge tonight so don't forget to pop in and join in! I may even be giving out some choccy prizes........
See you later! xxx


  1. oh my lordy galaxy counters!!!!
    i would down them in 1 !!!!

  2. Hi Zoe
    this picture made me think of my grandson. We went for a walk in the forest to look for deer, we found (what looked like your picture above) and he wanted to know if we coud discect it to see what the deer had been eating. Well after explaining to him that nanny was not carrying rubber gloves, face mask, scapel, disenfectant etc, he said oh nan we just need to cover our mouth with one hand and use a stick,(the joy of boys)lol, luckily grandpop came to the rescue and told him that they eat grass and trees etc, and for (today at least) he was happy with grandpops answer.
    Sandra (craftynan)x


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