Sunday, 16 May 2010

Would you believe it!!!!!

I nearly had the fright of my life whilst gardening, I heard quacking and looked round and saw two ducks on the shed roof!!!! We live in a built up area and this was quite a surprise! The cats didn't know what to do with themselves, I think they fancied duck for dinner.............I grabbed the camera and took a pic to show Mr Wonka as I knew he wouldn't believe Donald & Daisy duck popped by to say hello! Just thought I would share as I know you like to hear snippets of my sometimes random life! See you soon xxx


  1. Oh Mrs Wonka you really quack me up!!!
    that must of been a surprise for you x

  2. Well I never! Bet Olive & Arthur thought they'd won the jackpot when lunch waddled into the garden! Did you find out where they came from & went to?
    T x

  3. Oh Mrs Wonka
    You are Quackers
    Sandra (craftynan)

  4. Quackin eckers!!!! could only happen to you! Think they must have heard about your cupcakes!!

  5. Oh Zoe, these two look like the ducks I fed at the caravan, do you think they have followed me home!!!!!!! Maggie x x


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