Thursday, 15 April 2010

Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcake Tower!

As promised here is the cupcake tower that I made for Sue Marys 21+21+8 birthday party. Sorry that the pic isn't great, it was getting dark! They are vanilla cakes with pink vanilla frosting and chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting, all topped off with star, heart, butterfly and oval greeting toppers. You can't really see it from this pic but they are also sprinkled with edible glitter! Hope no one has samples to give this week! I guess the glitter has to come out some time! LOL She loved the cakes and I must admit I may have indulged in a chocolate one.................or two!!!! See you soon xxx


  1. Wow, that looks amazing and oh so yummy!!!!!

  2. wow these look yummy....i wish i could bake!!! lol...xx

  3. Hi Zoe
    Is there no end to your talents, these look scrummy.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  4. OOoooh Zoe! Looks yummy - and here is me starving because it is my weigh in tonight! LOL

  5. oh now they look yummy scrummy, sue,x

  6. they were absolutely fantastic!!! i know who i'll be placing an order with for a scrummy cake!!


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