Saturday, 17 April 2010

WOW LOOK AT THIS.........................

This is an Easter present that I received from the lovely Kelly & crew, have you ever seen anything so fantastic in your life! I'm not quite sure what I will put in it yet but it does have pride of place on my dining room table! I'm not sure if Julie reads my blog but if she does I will have to keep an eye on this giant beauty as it may be kidnapped for her cupcake class room........... I had better dash as I have my craft day with Helen Meighan today and I am running late!!!! I will pop back and show you some pics if I get a chance tomorrow! Toodlepip xxxx


  1. Oh my gawd!
    this cupcake looks mahusive lol you really should show it with all its babies! lol x
    how big?
    suzie qx
    have fun today x

  2. lol it's lovely! im a big fan of cupcakes too! had my eye on this one for a while! xx


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