Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

Phew back to normality, I have had super Easter but a very tiring one, Good Friday we had tea with Mum, Dad & Gramps, Saturday we were on an Easter Egg hunt, Sunday we had one of my bestest friends and her family and Mum & Dad for the day then yesterday was my anniversary, lunch out with Mr Wonka and another set of my bestest friends, so busy but blissful!
Here are some of the Easter egg hunt with my nephew!
No stone was left unturned, Nanna did help him him on a couple of occasions as did his Mum and Dad! Larry Lamb was an excellent find, maybe at this years nativity he could take that instead of the dog he had under his arm last year! This was only a fraction of his haul, he did share it all out though even after that he has enough to last him until next Easter! Right I'm off to catch up on the washing, nip to the bank then Sainsburys! Oh what joy! xxx


  1. Happy Anniversary Zoe!
    So happy that you had a wonderful Easter!
    Love your piccies thanks for sharing!
    kim x

  2. plenty of chocolate had by all then??? thanks for sharing the pics ~oh and a very happy anniversary!!
    vanessa xx


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