Saturday, 5 May 2012

Homemade Chocolates.......Or are they???????

Happy Saturday bloggers!

There is a bit of a story behind this beautifully crafted box of homemade chocolates so I thought I would share it with you all.

I made them for a very dear friend of mine Anita we have a history of pranks and a love hate relationship with sprouts, you may like to read this post from December as a refresher.......

I thought you would like a step by step of how they were created:

1. Melt the chocolate.

2. Add mini cases to a mini cake tray:

3. Pop the sprouts on cocktail sticks........can you see where this is going! LOL

4. Dip them in the chocolate, making sure to cover all the green sproutyness......

5. Place them into the already prepared mini green cases.

6. Decorate with melted white chocolate in a mini piping bag.

7. Make a mini (green) box and wrap in cellophane and tie with a (green) bow.

I then popped them into the car and took them to the March crop where we were celebrating Anita's birthday. I popped them on the table with the other prezzies and filled everyone else in on the secret and waited for her arrival. As you can imagine we were like a bunch of school children giggling and looking around waiting for her to take a bite. After what seemed like forever she opened them up and passed them around, we all sat there picking bits of chocolate off and pretending they were delicious. She eventually took a big bite and had a mouthful of sprout! She had no clue bless her! I also have to report that she called me some rather rude names!

Feel free to have a go at the

Have a good weekend, see you soon xxx


  1. LOL! Love it- remind me not to let you know what I dont like to eat!
    Hope you are keeping well, Teresa xx

  2. Oh my gawd what are you like!!!
    you know they may not have tasted too bad if you had cooked the sprouts before hand but then they may just have ponged a bit!!
    you crack me up you crunchy nuttter!!
    have a fab weekend
    Suzie QX

  3. You are so norty Zoe!!!!! But surely with Anita being the queen of all things sproutiness she must have loved them????

    Karen x

  4. Great story! I love how you dressed them up so beautifully!

  5. Excellent Wonkie! I bet she still licked all the chocolate off!


  6. It was brilliant, we had such a good crop that day. I will never forget the look on Anita's face - bless her.
    Missed you all today girls.

  7. And mighty fine they were too I have to say....infact, they looked too good to eat!! LOL, I loved em Zoe, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and putting yourself in such an extremely unpleasant ( for you) situation of actually having to TOUCH them *sniggers*.
    Hmmmmm...** goes away to drawing board to make plans for revenge**


  8. Boy, was I glad I had given up chocolate for lent!!!!

    What a deliciously, fiendish, sprouty trick.

    Anita's face was a picture!


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