Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Tea for two" Jubilee Class Card

Morning everyone! WOWSER what a scorcher! It was so hot last night that Mr Wonka decided to have the air con on in the bedroom, I must have been the only person in the country frozen under the duvet with jim jams and bed socks! I think he may have to tinker with the settings! 
Today I am showing you one of the jubilee class cards that I made at the weekend. 

I am really pleased with this one, I have used the "Tea Shoppe" stamp set and created a flag using the bright designer series paper stack. I have also used the new frame dies, which I HAVE to have, must pop an order in! (let me know if you need anything I'll happily add it on to my order)

I am off to sit in the garden and try and add some colour to my pasty complexion! 

See you tommorrow with a cupcake inspired jubilee card! xxx


  1. Gorgeous card - very patriotic.

    LOL - Mr P is the same with our air conditioning. I go to bed wearing a thick woolly cardi as it makes me so cold

  2. OK girls...I neeeeed your air con systems!! I am cooking and have a fan on all night but still no good, so take pity on me and waft your cold stuff this way please LOL.
    Love the card Zoe, most lovely xxx

  3. Air con! What a luxury! My version of air con is an open window!!! Love the card! xxx

  4. Love tea cups etc. Great card.

    Lynn x


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