Monday, 22 June 2009

Arthur and his new moustache!

Imagine my suprise last week when Arthur came home with a moustache! Do you think he had his nose somewhere that he shouldn't have? This is a reminder of how he normally looks: and this is how he came home the other evening with his new look............... It is just wearing off now, it was like ink and it has really stained his little nose! Do you think he has learned a lesson.......I don't think so!


  1. Oh know how hilarious!
    He is such a tinker!
    kim x

  2. Ah if only they could talk, he could tell you which Kitty Barbars he frequents!!! LOL He might come back with a perm next. Hazelxox

  3. LOL how funny, he looks like a little Charlie Chaplin, hee hee! My dog walk into the end of the exhaust on the car once, and he had a perfect black circle on his head for about 2 weeks, it just won't come off LOL!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  4. Did you say Arthur or Charlie chaplin all he needs is a walking stick!!

  5. Oh the Joy's, I thought it was quiet I just found Lilly in the sink and Daisy in the bath..... No Moustach for my clean girls! xx

  6. Tee hee what a little monkey he is, well he isn't he's a cat, but ya knows what I mean... charlie chaplin yep, and someone else i can think of hey!!

  7. Love it. Aren't cats the sweetest creatures?

  8. Cheeky chappie!
    Think it makes him look sophisticated!!!
    Is he getting ready to take Olive out somewhere??


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