Thursday, 11 June 2009

Perfect Picnic!

I thought you would like to have a peek at the perfect picnic that my nephew hosted on Monday lunchtime, he made all the sarnies, popped sausages on sticks, and sausage rolls on sticks, and scotch eggs on sticks (he liked the sticks lol) made fairy cakes and decorated them too! He then layed the table with a party napkin each. I think you will all agree it is a perfect picnic, shame we all sat shivering whilst we ate it!


  1. what a clever little boy ~ so glad you all enjoyed your time ~what`s a little chill?? ;~)
    vanessa xx

  2. aww bless him, i would of love to have joined you, only of course if you had egg sammiches!!
    Suzie Qx

  3. wow what fabulous spread,your nephew has done a great feast,so glad you all enjoyed it despite the weather.We have had enormous hail stones today :-0... can't belive it for


  4. Awwww bless him, it all looks rather delish! Could sit down and join in, hee hee!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  5. HI Zoe! such a cute picnic!!

    just wanted to say i loved your cards in my craft mag this month and I knew they were your just from the cover!!!! the Forever friends bears are great and I'm loving the Craft card you have used ....can I ask where you got it from please?

    Emma xxx

  6. Oh wow what a picnic!
    Definitely can't have enough sticks I say!
    kim x


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