Saturday, 13 June 2009

Show Tea Towels............

You may or may not know that I am partial to a show tea towel or two. Look at these beauties that were given to me by a fandanbbidozie crafting budster the other night at our SU card class.

I am in love with them and they carry a very important message.......


This is something I have done for years and I am so pleased that my new tea towels confirm that I have been right to do so all along!


  1. ...oh i so agree ~always eat dessert first ...if not save plenty of room in the tummy until it arrives!!..just love those tea towels!!
    vanessa xx

  2. Oh these are so wonderful!
    Love that message!
    kim x

  3. PMSL...... So do I .... Mmmmm Cream teas, lurve them,,, and of course the ultimate wonka cupcake!!

    Fabulous tea towles must pick myself some up!! :)


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