Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Birthday Cake & Yankee Candle Heaven!!!!!!

I know I was supposed to show you some of my cards today but I really wanted to show you the birthday cake that my Dad made for me for my birthday tea party.

The cake had one vanilla and one chocolate sponge, It was supposed to be a neopolitan cake but the pink layer was a little runny, even the birds wouldn't eat it apparently! LOL It took him all day to make and I thought he made a wonderful job of it. (although all the chocolate fingers fell off when I took off the ribbon!)

I also got taken out yesterday by Mum & Dad for my birthday treat, a trip to the Yankee Candle shop in Worthing, where I got one of my favorite candles, Vanilla Cupcake

If you love candles and cupcakes I recommend you get this one, it makes the whole house smell of cake! YUM YUM. Then we had a little wander around "The Range" a couple of crafty bits may have fallen in my basket...........and when I thought the day couldn't get any better we had a gourmet chips out the bag, which I always think taste better at the seaside!

I think that concludes my FAB birthday and leaves me feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful husband, family and friends.

I will definitely be back tomorrow and show and tell my crafty cards! xxx


  1. Hi zoe,
    Ah! so thats where you get your cake making skills from!!!
    how lovely for you its fab!!
    I tried to scratch and sniff the screen when i saw the candle - alas it did not work!!
    glad you had a lovely day
    Suzie qx

  2. The cake looks yummy Zoe how lovely!
    I adore Yankee candles too and burn them most evenings, my current favourite is Island Spa.....gorgeous! Glad you had a good Birthday ;-D

    Carol xxx

  3. The cake looks fab!Good old Dad making a cake like that for you, will have to tell my dad!!Glad you had a great day,

  4. Hi Zoe
    what a clever Dad you have, your cake looks scrummy. It sounds like you had a lovely day out too.


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