Saturday, 25 September 2010

Retreat Butterfly Class

"Good morning, good morning, how the devil are you, good morning, good morning to you!" My Mum used to sing that to me every morning! Which after a night on the town was the worst thing that I could be woken up to!

This is my butterfly class from the retreat.

You may think that you have seen these cards before, that's because you have as they are from the Flight Of the Butterfly article I completed for Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine.

I love this colour combo and have used it over and over again, this will be the last time I will be able to use it though as these papers will be discontinued at the end of the month. Thankfully the stamps will still be available!!!
I will be back tomorrow with my last class.

No change with Gramps not any better and not any worse so that's a good thing!


  1. I loved making this set of cards, hope your Gramps feels better soon.

  2. Good morning to you too Zoe! Love this set of cards, especially the flutterbies. Hope to hear some good news about your Gramps soon.
    Have a peaceful weekend.
    Warmest wishes

  3. fab set of cards ~sure they were fun to make!!
    hope gramps is feeling better soon ~ i find i`m now the one singing those songs to my boys in the morning ~get a smile from my 6 year old ,but grunts from my 13 year old.......and so it goes on ..i`ve become my mother!!!
    vanessa xx

  4. these were beautiful - I had a look at some that were made on the day :) great set of cards

  5. I loved making these - thanks for a great class and as I already own these stamps I will be doing quite a few variations of them.

  6. Good morning to you too Mrs Wonker - Sprout!
    These cards looked lovely too. Sorry we didn't get time to play with these stamps as planned, Saturday evening got rather busy in the end. Great weekend and thanks for your company. x Have only just got around to blogging the weekend myself.
    Lynn x

  7. Hi zoe,
    so glad i remembered to get these papers on the last chance list your cards are lovely and will give me lots of ideas x
    Suzie qx


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